Karate seminar and exams at "Satori" dojo at Heraklion-Crete
     Exams and Karate seminar took part at Heraklion of Crete with total success at 30 & 31 of Jan 2015.
     Examiner and seminar expert was, Sensei Keyvan Ghazi 7th Dan, who shared his knowledge with 35 advanced Karatekas.
     The exams took part at "2 Aorakia" Gymn of Heraklion, with a hundred of young and old examiners of "Satori" Dojo, with only purpose to improve their relationship with Shotokan Karate-Do.
     Instructors, Zaharias Giapitzakis and George Drakoulakos, such as Sensei Keyvan Ghazi, pleased and satisfied in all students' progress and their love for Karate.

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