Black and coloured belts exams for Satori, and great fight seminar with honoured teachers of Shotokan Karate ,teaching young and eldest karatekas of our school and not only. Sensei Toshio Yamada 8o Dan, Sensei K. Ghazi 7o Dan (Chief instructor of SKIF Greece and Sport Director of ELOK), Sensei Μ. Georgiadis 5o Dan (Instructor of Greek National SKIF Shotokan team) and Karate World Champion Sensei Ε. Christodoulou 5o Dan, all together form 15/7 until 18/7!

    Great seminar, Great Exams! We proved that nothing is impossible even at hard times, and that anything can be achieved as soon as we love and be patient for what we do! I'd like to thank Sensei T. Yamada, Sensei K. Ghazi, Sensei Μ. Georgiadia and Sensei Ε. Christodoulou for their knowledge they happily shared with us. Enjoyable as always! I thnk Sensei P. Gatidis and St. Katsimpiris from Chania for their participation at seminar, as anyone that was here at Two Aorakia these days.

    Congratulations at all karatekas on their performance and presence at the seminar! I realy feel proud for all kids, young and elder and mostly for our new Black belts! Proud for many reasons, but mostly because from this school black belts with potential and real karateka principals graduate! OSS!!!