Summer Greek SKIF seminar and Dan exams took place at Ag. Theodoroi of Korinthos on 26th,27th and 28th of june, with the participation of 130 Karatekas.

    Guests of honour for once more were:
SENSEI TOSHIO YAMADA 8 DAN SKIF founder at Greece and SENSEI CIANGHIZ AZADEH 6 DAN, close associate of SENSEI YAMADA and ISSO instructor at Italy.

    SENSEI YAMADA demonstrated technics, that were based on balance and body movement, with his own special style that defines him, always based on his perfectly geometrical figures,and his perfect KIME (that you intensly feel when near him).

    Ο SENSEI CIANGHIZ, best stydent and follower of SENSEI YAMADA, for many years, impressed Greek Karatekas with his perfect feet technics but mostly for his simple and humble character. An example on how a karateka must behave, even after many years of practice. Surprisingly simple and impressively effective, took each one of our hearts.

    Στο σεμινάριο δίδαξαν ακόμα:
-SENSEI Marco Georgiadis, that succeeded to 6th DAN, Greek National SKIF team couch.
SENSEI Elpida Christodoulou, 5th DAN, World Champion and Greek National SKIF team couch.
-SENSEI George Karvounis 5th DAN(Vice President at Greek Karate federation) Greek Polish team coach, and
-SENSEI George Zarouchliotis ,4th DAN, member of Greek National SKIF team.

    Finaly, we want to notice that, this importand event, wouldn't be done without the efort, and supervision of :
-SENSEI Nikitas Zarouchliotis, 7th DAN, CHIEF INSTRUCTOR SKIF, Chairman of the referee comittee.
-SENSEI GΗΑΖΙ KΕΥVΑΝ, 7th DAN CHIEF INSTRUCTOR SKIF and ΙSSO Greece,Sport Director of greek Karate federation. These two nen, are the fighting twin, that their love and commitment to KMarate, helped SKIF Grow in Greece.